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Otakon 2005

Otakon 2005 was A BLAST. Let me sketch out the weekend before I post some of the pics I found online of us as Scorpion/Sub-Zero, and like one of Ranma and Mousse.

Thursday night I didn't work so we went out after Justin got back from work, stopped by Baba's house to pick up a controller, and then headed towards Columbia to Justin's apartment. Picked up Andy, and got to the Baltimore Convention Center around 8. We were convinced that we would be waiting in the pre-register line for about an hour, judging from the year before, and because we had talked to Cedric who had to wait in line for like an hour. When we got there the line wrapped around the side of the building, but then it started moving quickly, and we got in. We got to the zig-zag line, and then suddenly the line was over, and we were like WTF?!?! We got out in like 15 minutes, with our passes and everything, which was totally badass because it didn't take any time at all. I also saw Mamoudou, Luis, Luis' cousin, Rania and some others.. I also saw Elona in the pre-reg right after I got my pass. So we left and went back to the apartment and fucked around on the computer a bit, after the annoyance was gone, we chilled out with Andy until we finally decided we need to dye our hair. So we did that which in total took about an hour and a half. Andy was in bed so we watched a little bit of Conan, and then went to bed shortly after.

Friday we woke up later than we intended, had to take showers and everything, get in our Mortal Kombat costumes, and make it to Otakon between 10 and 11. As soon as we got there, we walked in and got mauled. People stopped us about every foot that we walked, trying to take pictures of our costumes. When we finally got to some open space, we tried to go to the dealers room but it wasn't open yet. We chilled out, then finally went to the dealer's room, and saw our Lara Croft, and then looked around a bit. We even chilled out with Garry, Cedric, Craig and Andy around the corner with the Mortal Kombat music playing on our tiny speakers, dressed as the two Shaolin Monks. After a while in our costumes (and about 150 people taking pictures of us) we finally changed out of our costumes and chilled out a little bit after eating at Burger King. The day went by or whatever, we got some pics, and went home and picked Mike up. Stayed up until like 4 in the morning playing Double Dash battle mode >_<

We woke up like 4 hours later, and got dressed as Ranma, Mousse and Genma, and went out to Otakon once again with Andy. We even went to the dealers room to see Gloria, our Lara Croft, and she actually recognized us right away without us saying anything. We chatted with her a lot and then came back to her later to chat with her some more. She is so cool. We went into the masquerade, and there were some funny skits, WAY better than last year. And OMG Jushin Thunder Liger was sitting in front of us. The redneck Liger. Midori Days was pretty funny, and all I got from the dealer's room was Maison Ikkoku volume 3, and a Hello Kitty thing for mi amor. After that we chilled on the deck for a little bit while some crazy chick invited us to a dance club, Orpheus, but we didn't go. Then we went home and played more Double Dash.

Sunday was spent by sleeping and then playing Co-Op X-Men Legends. That game is so badass. Otakon was a lot of fun, and I'm dissappointed its over. There's no way to explain the connectivity of everyone, we otaku look out for eachother. There was a lot of things I still wanted to mention but don't feel like it. I'll just post my pictures now.

Those are all out Ranma poses that we have found so far. Genma in the white (Mike), Ranma in the red (Justin), and Me in the white with the sleeves and the glasses. Oh and the dude with the bird on his head was Tatewaki Kuno, but he wasn't actually with us, he just wanted to take a pic with us because we are from the same series. ^_^

We did much more poses than that, but people just haven't posted them up yet. More to come me hopes.

Thats it for me. Otakon was fun and I can't wait for 2006. Maybe I can go to Katsucon!
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