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Ok, there's a good chance that I might lose interest in this and it miht get shorter.. But I'll try my best. I wasn't really looking forward to graduation, I didn't really have feelings either way about it, but it turned out better than I expected. I got there pretty early, around 7:45, and a few of my friends were there, and from there I just watched everyone come in to the gymnasium at the comcast center. Of course, I was waiting for Emma, but I missed her, it must have been after Mr. Rice made me go to my row, because I was watching the door like a hawk. Either way, she slipped in some how and I was worried until I finally daw her. When we walked out to the seats, and we entered the main auditorium, there was this huge gap between Rocky and the dude in front of him, lol Rocky had to run to catch up.

Anyways, we sat down and stuff, my brother, sister, nephew, mom and grandma were on the left side in the front. A few rows back a little bit to the right of them, was my Dad, Grandma, and two Uncles, because my dad hates my Mom so much he can't stand to be close to where she is. The graduation actually went pretty quickly, much quicker than grad practice. Horrigan tried to carry me, and a few other people, but oh well. After we got out, I got my diploma, and was looking for Emma, and was able to find her, and gave her a really big, nice, long hug. I'm gonna be honest with you. If I didn't have to let go of her, I'd probably still be there hugging her right now. Jocelyn took a picture of us, and then we moved out and went to see her Mom, and two sisters. After we said hello to them and Karina was so shy she wouldn't even look at me, I wanted Emma to meet some of the family members she hadn't already met, so we went to look for them, with her family following us so they wouldn't lose us.

It took a while, but finally my brother and my Dad were spotted walking towards us, coming from the other side of the building. So, Emma met J and Dad, and I didn't really wanna lead Emma and her entire family around the other side, plus they had to leave, so me and Emma said goodbye :( . Anyways, we walked around to meet up with the rest of the family, and I saw Olando's mom, and met up with everyone who came to see me from my family. Got a bunch of cards, and we stood and chatted for a while.. Took a few pictures here and there too. We finally decided to leave, and we were in the car in the parkinglot sitting still, and some girl was waving at me, so, right away I started waving back (hey, apparently she knew me, so I probably knew her?). Anyways, I finally realized who it was (the window was wet so it was hard to tell at first), and it turned out to be Crystal. So I got out and gave her a hug and whoever she was with, took a picture of us. I was shocked, I really didn't expect to see her. BTW Dan, I saw F too. Remember her?

After that, my brother, sister, nephew, grandparents, Mommy and Roxanne went out to lunch at Red Lobster. It was pretty good, after that I was so tired I fell asleep for a while. Nighttime came, and I left the house to crash at Rolando's house around 11 PM, at that point we went to the movie's at Arundel Mills, didn't get there until like 12:30 AM. We saw Unleashed with Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins, it was ok, they kept saying it sucked but I didn't think it was that bad. It was me, Row, Jocelyn, Baba, Reyhana, Chris, Carlos, Cliff, Alex, Jerrod, Tashawna(sp?) Brisha, and her man I think. After that we went to IHop in college park, and then after Row dropped everyone off, me and him went to his house and crashed at his house. We didn't get there until like 5 in the morning, and he had to wake up around 7 to take Jenny to Parkdale for the SATs, so we just kinda chilled with the TV on. He fell asleep, and I tried, but I couldn't sleep until like 8 or 9, and then woke up at like 11 earlier today.

All in all, I'm a little upset that I'm not gonna see a lot of the people from High School, and there are a few people I wanted to see at Grad before we left, but I didn't get the chance, like Lesley. I barely got to talk to her at all. It kinda would have been nice if all the graduates could have had time to be together without parents and whatnot, after or before. We kinda did before, but not everyone was there before they started making people get into the rows.. But hopefully I will see some of the people I might miss. Some of you I'll definitely keep in touch with (you know who you are), and some of you I just don't like, so I'm gonna try not to ever talk to again (sorry Justin, you fall under this category.) Anyways, thats it for me..
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