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Goodbye High School..

So, Thursday, May 19th, 2005, was the last day of High School. It hasn't even completely hit me yet, I graduate June 3 and maybe I'm so focused on other things that it hasn't completely hit me. It has, and it hasn't. Just felt like I'd go through each year in as much detail as I feel like, but I'll probably lose interest halfway through.

Freshman Year, August 2001-June 2002

Freshman year was the worst year I had at Parkdale. Don't get me wrong, nothing bad happened to me and I had no problem with it when it was happening, its just that every single year that has happened since then has been atleast 50% better. I never skipped at all, I didn't do much.. But at the time it was still fun. I met Lesley the first day of school, even had a crush on her for a while, and of course like any year in high school, I met a lot of other people that would become associates or friends of mine in the years to come. I hung out with David a lot, and he kinda got me stuck with some kind of a love triangle/rectangle/fiveangle with Sharmika, ugh.. She was annoying as hell. In this year, I met Stacy, and had a short and meaningless relationship, dunno why i was even attracted to her. One of the funny things I like to think back on, was this was the first year I ever noticed Emma. When I saw her, I thought she was really cute and pretty, but I didn't have any secret crush on her or anything, cause I didn't know her. But, there was this one time in Gym class, when I was with Jose and Towson, and this was right around the time I had got with Stacy. So they asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I said yeah, and they asked who. I didn't really wanna say who it was, so I said Emma (because I knew they talked to her at lunch sometimes), but then like right away I said I was just kidding, cause I didn't really know her and I didn't want her to come kick my ass or something. They kept saying shit like "AHH DAWG HE LIKES EMMA" and shit like that, when I didn't, I was just making a joke. It's just- really funny looking back on that and thinking about how things work out. September 11th was a big event, I remember exactly where I was and a lot about that day. Things were crazy. Also, Alex was born this year. To tell you the truth, not a lot happened to me in 9th grade as far as in school. Maybe thats why looking back, it seems like a dissappointment, especially compared to the other years. I didn't do anything, I didn't take any risks, nothing.

Sophomore Year, August 2002-June 2003

I'd say Sophomore year got most interesting towards the end. I met a lot of people who I'd stay cool with- Mikel, Junior, Dan, Emma (of course), and loads of others I don't feel like mentioning. The first half was ok, met some people and stuff. I remember I had mrs Conrad for Geometry, and I really liked her. When she taught, I really got the material, and she was a really nice lady I really liked her. Then, she stopped coming to class and we got a permanent sub, and later on in the year we found out she was passed. It really sucked, because she was a pretty good teacher. The second quarter was the most badass, though. 3rd period was ok, looking back on it itkinda sucked, but at the time it was fun. For 3rd I had Art 1 with Ashendorf, and 4th period (One of the most badass classes I've ever had), was Chemistry with Guthrie. I'll get to that in a moment. Art 1 was the class that I met Emma in. Though I don't really believe in fate, maybe Fate was at work, because Emma and I were paired next to eachother, seat-wise. Yeah, maybe it was Fate, or maybe it was just Mr Ashendorf. Anyways, I remember the first day of class she turned to me and said something like "So you know Rolando huh?" And I was like yeah, and didn't say much. Back then, I was always shy around new people and didn't talk much until I got to know them. Plus, I remember thinking to myself "God, this girl talks a lot". It didn't take long for me to start to like her, but, I didn't pursue it at the time, and things happened that made me think that nothing between me and emma would ever happen, so I didn't make much of it. It wasn't a big deal to me, no heart break, at least not a whole lot. Well, on to 4th period. We had everybody in that class. Not only did we have everyone, we had the most badass Chemistry teacher ever, Mr. Guthrie. I met Dan in this class, and right away we got really close and told eachother basically everything. It was really weird because I had never got so close to someone and told them so much in such a short period of time. Anyways, we used to always have fun with Guth and make so many jokes it was like the best class ever. And, this was the class that I met Crystal in. It was towards the end of the year. I think what sparked my interest in her was when she sat behind me and gave me a massage that made my heart melt. I don't really wanna touch a lot on it, but stuff happened, and we began a relationship without it actually being a relationship. Summer came and we didn't see eachother at all. And it sucked at the time, but I dealt with it. 10th grade was obviously an upgrade from 9th, but 11th was an upgrade from 10th, I guess.

Junior Year, August 2003-June 2004

It felt weird to make the transition at first, but I got used to things. Things were different this year, we had an A-B day schedule as opposed to last year which was just 4 periods, 2 semesters or whatever. I had no classes with Crystal and things sucked at that point. I had 3 classes with Emma, and things really kicked off with her because I started to get REALLY close with her. She became one of my best friends and I didn't even realize it. I met Chris this year, and started hanging out with Row more, and Lawrence. And, I met my arch nemesis, my worst enemy that I have ever had. Mrs. Weber. That stupid bitch. ::shakes fist::. Anyways, Things with Crystal never worked out but I kept going with it, and it went on for a really long time which I'm kinda dissappointed in myself for. But, I wouldn't change things if I could go back, mainly because I feel like I learned a lot from that time, and I probably wouldn't be the same person I am now, and wouldn't have learned from my mistakes. So, I learned about Emma's feelings for me, and I was shocked, and at first I wasn't gonna do anything because I was really scared. I really didn't want to admit that I liked her so much, not even to myself, but when I really thought about it, I knew that I would be happier with Emma then trying to make it work with Crystal. And I ended things with Crystal, and like very very soon after, I asked Emma out and things were wonderful. I remember the next day after I asked her out I was so nervous in Mr. Rice's class, but it just seemed so natural and right. Things were great with her, and 2 days after I asked her out, I had one of the best field trips ever with her, when we went up to PG and spent a lot of time together. She met Mom, and everything was cool.. Spring break was right after which sucked, but I recovered.. So 11th grade was pretty good, this was the year I got caught skipping, I skipped a good amount that year and luckily only got caught once. A lot of good memories.

Senior Year, August 2004-Now, ending June 3, 2005

I'm gonna be honest, the year got off to a rough start. I had missed Emma so much over the summer, and it was hard for me to adapt to all my classes. It was definitely different. The messed up thing is, in 11th grade when we were picking our classes, me and Row picked like 6 or 7 out of 8 classes trying to get atleast a couple classes we could be in together, and we ended up not having ANY. They all fell under different periods. We had lunch though, which was cool. They messed up my schedule, and it wasn't until way later when they finally fixed it, and I got Chinkhota's class for student aide. Later in the year I became Rice's student aide too. And, halfway through the first quarter, I had already skipped like 3 times as much as I did my whole time in high school. I skipped so much this year, but I had an awesome time. Senior year truly has been my best year. As stressful as its been, I had some great times with some great teachers. It was this year that Mr. Rice and Mr. Chinkhota became lije buddies, and we just chilled so much and had such a great time. I'm really gonna miss Parkdale a lot. Miss everybody, really. It'll be a hard thing to adapt to, and it really sucks. Still didn't get our damn yearbooks. Fuck.

Thats it for now, I've said my peace.
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