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I am Scarf. Hear me. Fear me.
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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
12:53 am
Otakon 2005
Otakon 2005 was A BLAST. Let me sketch out the weekend before I post some of the pics I found online of us as Scorpion/Sub-Zero, and like one of Ranma and Mousse.

Thursday night I didn't work so we went out after Justin got back from work, stopped by Baba's house to pick up a controller, and then headed towards Columbia to Justin's apartment. Picked up Andy, and got to the Baltimore Convention Center around 8. We were convinced that we would be waiting in the pre-register line for about an hour, judging from the year before, and because we had talked to Cedric who had to wait in line for like an hour. When we got there the line wrapped around the side of the building, but then it started moving quickly, and we got in. We got to the zig-zag line, and then suddenly the line was over, and we were like WTF?!?! We got out in like 15 minutes, with our passes and everything, which was totally badass because it didn't take any time at all. I also saw Mamoudou, Luis, Luis' cousin, Rania and some others.. I also saw Elona in the pre-reg right after I got my pass. So we left and went back to the apartment and fucked around on the computer a bit, after the annoyance was gone, we chilled out with Andy until we finally decided we need to dye our hair. So we did that which in total took about an hour and a half. Andy was in bed so we watched a little bit of Conan, and then went to bed shortly after.

Friday we woke up later than we intended, had to take showers and everything, get in our Mortal Kombat costumes, and make it to Otakon between 10 and 11. As soon as we got there, we walked in and got mauled. People stopped us about every foot that we walked, trying to take pictures of our costumes. When we finally got to some open space, we tried to go to the dealers room but it wasn't open yet. We chilled out, then finally went to the dealer's room, and saw our Lara Croft, and then looked around a bit. We even chilled out with Garry, Cedric, Craig and Andy around the corner with the Mortal Kombat music playing on our tiny speakers, dressed as the two Shaolin Monks. After a while in our costumes (and about 150 people taking pictures of us) we finally changed out of our costumes and chilled out a little bit after eating at Burger King. The day went by or whatever, we got some pics, and went home and picked Mike up. Stayed up until like 4 in the morning playing Double Dash battle mode >_<

We woke up like 4 hours later, and got dressed as Ranma, Mousse and Genma, and went out to Otakon once again with Andy. We even went to the dealers room to see Gloria, our Lara Croft, and she actually recognized us right away without us saying anything. We chatted with her a lot and then came back to her later to chat with her some more. She is so cool. We went into the masquerade, and there were some funny skits, WAY better than last year. And OMG Jushin Thunder Liger was sitting in front of us. The redneck Liger. Midori Days was pretty funny, and all I got from the dealer's room was Maison Ikkoku volume 3, and a Hello Kitty thing for mi amor. After that we chilled on the deck for a little bit while some crazy chick invited us to a dance club, Orpheus, but we didn't go. Then we went home and played more Double Dash.

Sunday was spent by sleeping and then playing Co-Op X-Men Legends. That game is so badass. Otakon was a lot of fun, and I'm dissappointed its over. There's no way to explain the connectivity of everyone, we otaku look out for eachother. There was a lot of things I still wanted to mention but don't feel like it. I'll just post my pictures now.

OTAKU PICSCollapse )

Thats it for me. Otakon was fun and I can't wait for 2006. Maybe I can go to Katsucon!

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
1:38 am
August 17, 2002


No.. Sleepyy.. I though to myself when my whole family wakes me up every morning.. DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S TOO BIRGHT IN THE MORNING??
Blah.. I am going to be Freddy For Halloween! Score! Time to scare kids! What a combination, Freddy.. Jason and Michael Myers?? I have to write Xtreme Xcellence this weekend, half of it is done actually.. Also school is starting soon, DARN! D&D hopefully will stay strong, tonight!

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
1:24 am
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
1:29 am


Anyways, gah. I had today and yesterday off. Yesterday was pretty boring, I think.. I can't really remember. Oh yeah, I went back to the doctor and he told me that I have to go back in October sometime. Thats about all that happened yesterday.. I think I also received my dagger in the mail.

Today I received my Social Security Card in the mail so now I can go open a checking account when I have the time.

I went to Linens N Things to spend time with Emma during her break. It wasn't as good as I would have hoped, mainly because we can never get any fucking time alone together for an extended period of time (not that I expected that today). Its just so frustrating, It feels like its gonna be a while before things pick up again. A lot is gonna happen soon that is going to go against us, that I'm gonna have to overcome. Why can't it just be easier?

It's hot as shit in this room.

I have to work tomorrow, which sucks. I'm kinda looking forward to school in August, but at the same time I'm not. I dunno why.

Otakon is coming in like three weeks, and we still need to finish some things and then hopefully get our passes Thursday night, though I'll probably be working that night and not sure how early we will be able to get up there.

Did I mention GAH?

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Monday, July 25th, 2005
12:59 am
Happy Birthday. An interesting concept. People pay you, and buy you gifts for something you had no control over, you had nothing to do with the fact that you were born however many years ago. Every year on the anniversary of that, you are celebrated by getting gifts for something you had nothing to do with. Funny.

My birthday was pretty shitty. Not that it was just a really terrible day, its just that it was a normal day, nothing worth celebrating. Woke up, got my gifts/cards or whatever, after that it was pretty much nothing but getting some birthday messages, then went to work, then came home and did nothing. It was boring. I had to work the next day too. Oh well, I guess when you get to this point birthdays just aren't what they used to be.

I registered for my classes, and I begin August 29. Four classes, and I'll be going Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Dunno how I'm gonna work my schedule for work yet, because I don't want to work too much, since that job stresses the hell out of me. Especially today, it was so fucking hectic and all the people were raising their voices like any of it was my fault, and then some bitch from D.C. chewed me out over the phone. Fuck her.

I've been in a bit of a slump lately, it just seems like life is sucking. I'll get out of it though, sooner or later. I have the next two days off which will make me feel better and rest. Think some things over, priorities, and everything. The only thing I'm really looking forward to is Otakon, which thank GOD it didn't fall on the same time that I have to go back to school. That would have sucked ass. Oh well.

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
4:14 pm
Know Your Business: Don't Burn Bridges

By Marjorie Brody, MA, CSP, CMC

Have you ever heard the expression, "Reputation is everything?" It is not surprising that this saying has been around for as long as we can remember. The quality of a person's reputation is directly related to the quality of relationships that individual has established. This is true not just for the short term or in good times, but for the long run and when challenges might reveal someone of lesser character.

There are many clichés about this topic, including: "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face," "You may win the battle, but lose the war," "Patience is a virtue," "What goes around, comes around" and of course, "Don't burn bridges." While these expressions may seem corny or overused, you will be wise to give them careful thought as you undoubtedly will be tempted to ignore all of them during your life. Avoid the temptation to do so.

Very interesting..


Anyways, haven't posted in a little while. Things have been steady going back and forth. Basically, my toe has been pretty bad for the past few months, it had become swollen and bloody, with puss seeping out.. Yuck. Anyways I went to the doctor's thursday, and he cut the toe nail completely out of my right big toe, and cut the sides out of my left. Basically, I had to stay off it for a couple days, and got off work for about a week, so I'll probably be going back friday. Not to mention, he told me I needed an MRI to check on the bone, because it was possible Ii have a bone infection, so I got the MRI today and have to take it back to the doc.. Hopefully its not too bad.

Basically, I can't even wear my shoes until like thursday or friday, so my mom got me some sandals. I hate sandals. They really suck, I had been avoiding using them, so I was in all weekend, except for yesterday.

I'll get into what we did yesterday in a moment.. But basically about a week or two ago I made a tape, it had all of the wrestling matches on it, as well as Otakon 2003 and 2004 footage, and the Whose Line footage we took, and I put it all on one tape. I told Justin that I wanted to send it to Mike, because I thought that he might like to look over some of the old memories, and Justin thought it was a really good idea, so I wrote Mike a letter, and Justin did as well, so we put all of that together and sent a package to his house. Sometime last week Mike got it, and called Justin on the phone probably almost immediately after he saw the package, so the two of them set up a lunch date so we could all chill and talk about everything that had happened and get some shit out there.

So Sunday, yesterday, was the day that we hooked up, Justin came by and picked me up around 2:00, and we swung by and got Mike, and went up to Columbia and had lunch at Rocky Run. We were there for a few hours, just chatting and talking about everything that had happened between us, and what we had been doing lately as well. We basically buried the hatchet, and also we told him about a lot of the petty shit that had been happening. It was really cool hanging out with him, then after that we went to Justin's apartment before realizing we wanted some Haagen Daaz(sp?) from Columbia Mall, ate it, and then returned.We had fun with Andy, played some Street Fighter, Mario Kart and Killer Instinct on the SNES, and then watched Family Guy at 9:00. It was fun, I think we'll stay in touch with Mike, not sure in what capacity and how much, but I doubt thats the last we've seen of him.

I'm really looking forward to Otakon, I have to make sure my Mousse costume is up to par, and get some hair dye for that. As for my other costume, we went out and got the fabric for Scorpion/Sub-Zero, and we ordered Ninja costumes off the net. Now, depending on how the costume is, all we need are boots, shinguards and a shirt/arm guards, plus the creation of the overcovering. Its gonna be a lot of fun though, I'm already getting really excited, because I figure we'll hang out with Ced and them some, some of my friends a little bit, and also maybe someone else who said he might come. Andy will be with us too, so it should be really fun.

Things with Emma are still good, the only real problem is us seeing eachother, but we're working with what we got and I'm still very happy to be with her. I think about her more than all the time, and I will wait as long as I have to for things to get even better then they are now.

That's all I have to say now, I think I got out most of what I wanted to say. I'm gonna try and beat Kingdom Hearts soon after a couple sidequests are complete, and I guess thats it for me. Adios.

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
1:09 am

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
1:18 pm
Hidden Message

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
12:33 am
I wanna go home..

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
3:04 pm
YAY I finally got my phone! Me so happy!

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
6:47 pm
Yay, I'm back. Anyways, here is the week in review from what I can remember..

I started work on Tuesday. I got a call from Luis on monday, told me that Keith was expecting me to be there at 9:00 in the morning on monday, which was wrong, because keith was supposed to call me monday to let me know what was going on. So he called Keith back and then called me back and told me that I'd be working tuesday. So I started training at the New Carrollton Greyhound station on tuesday, 9:00 to about 1:00, the same schedule for wednesday and thursday as well. It's such a bitch to get out that early, I really hate waking up because I am so not a morning person.

Anyways, Friday I was off, because it was Roxanne's (Hendershot) wedding. It was ok, it was incredibly long though, and we didn't get to eat at the reception until like almost 9:30 at night, so that really sucked. I saw some teachers from Parkdale, the bitch Weber, Voguely(!), Butkus, and a couple others I recognized but didn't know their names. It was ok, but now I'm dreading my sister's wedding later on in the year. Oh well.

Saturday I worked 1-5, chilled with Luis and stuff, and then after that I was invited to go see the Tyson fight, but I didn't go, it was already like 10:00 and the fight was probably already on, so I didn't feel like going, plus Mom's car broke down and I was waiting for her to get home so I would know everything was cool.

I've been playing Kingdom Hearts, the graduation gift my bro got me. It's pretty cool, I think the next world I'm supposed to go to is Neverland, so thats keeping my mind off things, and helping me escape reality. I gotta take the placement test for PGCC, hopefully Thursday. My plan is, to get off work, go take the placement test, and then hopefully shop for my phone afterwards, but, who knows if that will happen and if mi madre will allow it.

Sunday was pretty awesome. Well, not all of it, just the end of the night when I went to Row's house with Baba and Alex, and we watched ECW One Night Stand on Pay Per View. Efrain was there with Jenny, but they didn't watch it. The event was fuckin awesome. SO MUCH Nostalgia, plus a great mix of hardcore wrestling, lucha libre, japanese and technical styles. RVD and Paul E. cut some tight ass promos, and I really enjoyed myself, I might just have to get the DVD when it comes out.

As it stands right now, things kinda suck, but I'm tryng my hardest to adapt and deal with everything, especially the withdrawal. I talked to Emma today for a little while which made me feel a lot better, I really miss her so much, I constantly think about her. I'm trying to work it out so that I can see her soon, there are some things we need to talk about and I still haven't had the chance to give her my graduation gift. I really hope I can spend some time with her soon. :(

My birthday is coming up in a little over a month. Not really looking forward to much. The only thing I really have to look forward to this summer is Otakon. Dude, I really wanna get those Scorpion and Sub-Zero costumes done, we gotta set some time aside to work on them. Not yet, because I need to wait until I get my phone nad my first paycheck and see how much cash I have in order to fund for a costume, and wait for things to calm down a little bit. We'll see what happens.

Well, that's it for me. Knowing my luck, after typing all of this, my computer will freeze before it sends. Hell, it's happened before. Can't wait for RAW!

EDIT: Fuck, forget that about thursday and the phone. ::cries::

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3:46 pm
I started to make a post but I really don't feel like it. Later!
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
7:49 pm
Stop being such a fucking POSER

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
1:09 am
Ok, there's a good chance that I might lose interest in this and it miht get shorter.. But I'll try my best. I wasn't really looking forward to graduation, I didn't really have feelings either way about it, but it turned out better than I expected. I got there pretty early, around 7:45, and a few of my friends were there, and from there I just watched everyone come in to the gymnasium at the comcast center. Of course, I was waiting for Emma, but I missed her, it must have been after Mr. Rice made me go to my row, because I was watching the door like a hawk. Either way, she slipped in some how and I was worried until I finally daw her. When we walked out to the seats, and we entered the main auditorium, there was this huge gap between Rocky and the dude in front of him, lol Rocky had to run to catch up.

Anyways, we sat down and stuff, my brother, sister, nephew, mom and grandma were on the left side in the front. A few rows back a little bit to the right of them, was my Dad, Grandma, and two Uncles, because my dad hates my Mom so much he can't stand to be close to where she is. The graduation actually went pretty quickly, much quicker than grad practice. Horrigan tried to carry me, and a few other people, but oh well. After we got out, I got my diploma, and was looking for Emma, and was able to find her, and gave her a really big, nice, long hug. I'm gonna be honest with you. If I didn't have to let go of her, I'd probably still be there hugging her right now. Jocelyn took a picture of us, and then we moved out and went to see her Mom, and two sisters. After we said hello to them and Karina was so shy she wouldn't even look at me, I wanted Emma to meet some of the family members she hadn't already met, so we went to look for them, with her family following us so they wouldn't lose us.

It took a while, but finally my brother and my Dad were spotted walking towards us, coming from the other side of the building. So, Emma met J and Dad, and I didn't really wanna lead Emma and her entire family around the other side, plus they had to leave, so me and Emma said goodbye :( . Anyways, we walked around to meet up with the rest of the family, and I saw Olando's mom, and met up with everyone who came to see me from my family. Got a bunch of cards, and we stood and chatted for a while.. Took a few pictures here and there too. We finally decided to leave, and we were in the car in the parkinglot sitting still, and some girl was waving at me, so, right away I started waving back (hey, apparently she knew me, so I probably knew her?). Anyways, I finally realized who it was (the window was wet so it was hard to tell at first), and it turned out to be Crystal. So I got out and gave her a hug and whoever she was with, took a picture of us. I was shocked, I really didn't expect to see her. BTW Dan, I saw F too. Remember her?

After that, my brother, sister, nephew, grandparents, Mommy and Roxanne went out to lunch at Red Lobster. It was pretty good, after that I was so tired I fell asleep for a while. Nighttime came, and I left the house to crash at Rolando's house around 11 PM, at that point we went to the movie's at Arundel Mills, didn't get there until like 12:30 AM. We saw Unleashed with Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins, it was ok, they kept saying it sucked but I didn't think it was that bad. It was me, Row, Jocelyn, Baba, Reyhana, Chris, Carlos, Cliff, Alex, Jerrod, Tashawna(sp?) Brisha, and her man I think. After that we went to IHop in college park, and then after Row dropped everyone off, me and him went to his house and crashed at his house. We didn't get there until like 5 in the morning, and he had to wake up around 7 to take Jenny to Parkdale for the SATs, so we just kinda chilled with the TV on. He fell asleep, and I tried, but I couldn't sleep until like 8 or 9, and then woke up at like 11 earlier today.

All in all, I'm a little upset that I'm not gonna see a lot of the people from High School, and there are a few people I wanted to see at Grad before we left, but I didn't get the chance, like Lesley. I barely got to talk to her at all. It kinda would have been nice if all the graduates could have had time to be together without parents and whatnot, after or before. We kinda did before, but not everyone was there before they started making people get into the rows.. But hopefully I will see some of the people I might miss. Some of you I'll definitely keep in touch with (you know who you are), and some of you I just don't like, so I'm gonna try not to ever talk to again (sorry Justin, you fall under this category.) Anyways, thats it for me..

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
12:03 am
Things are getting really stressful, really weird, its hard to decide how to deal with it and what to do
Looking back on everything that has happened, and everything that is to come, its hard not to reflect on what we've been through.
At this point, I feel like everything is going down a road with no sight ahead of me
It's not something I'm proud of, it's not something I look forward to, and it's making an impact incredibly.
If the past weeks are just a token of whats to come, I don't know if I can handle the months ahead.
It may sound selfish, it may sound arrogant.. I don't care. I want things my way instead.
I don't really care what happens to me, I don't really care about success, I don't give two shits about things like college or cash.
It's hard to explain.. there's only one thing that I really care about the way it turns out and the way it all decides to crash.
But why is it off to such a rough start? Why is the uncertainty and the apprehension building inside?
It's like I can't seem to find my way; I'm lost, yet at the same time there's no way to shield myself- there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
So like I said, there's a lot coming towards me and not a lot of ways to dodge the upcoming bullets arrows.
The path ahead is uneasy- filled with holes, obstacles, and much to narrow.
The road is accompanied with choices, decisions and problems, but if there is any guide that can lead me to the right choices, It's been discovered.
This guide has already started me off- and in this I've found a friend, a companion, and a lover.
My chief guide that has enlightened my existence, buttered my bread and paved the broken street.
It's something I never expected, something that, in tough times, may be bitter, but thats expected. It just makes the happy times that much more sweet.
Of course, I speak of this guide as if she's the only influence around me.
Not to get sappy.. Not to sound cliche, but its everyone. My associates, my friends, my family.
It's hard, and sometimes I feel like breaking down. It's hard to keep the feelings inside and to keep them from breaking out.
But when I keep them inside, it destroys me, yet at the same time I find a way to deal with them, and my heart begins to shout.
Let's just say that things suck, and I don't know what to do. Look to the future, people say. Ok, should I?
I don't know how to set my dreams, I don't know what to reach for, how long or how high.
Meh, fuck it I think I'm done. A little premature, but I don't care, i've said my peace. I could finish it at another date, but for now, I can't.
So I didn't mean to stall, I didn't mean to bore, and It wasn't my intent to put you to sleep. Hell, it's just my little rant.


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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
2:57 am

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
12:21 am
Friday, May 20th, 2005
11:24 pm
Goodbye High School..
So, Thursday, May 19th, 2005, was the last day of High School. It hasn't even completely hit me yet, I graduate June 3 and maybe I'm so focused on other things that it hasn't completely hit me. It has, and it hasn't. Just felt like I'd go through each year in as much detail as I feel like, but I'll probably lose interest halfway through.

Freshman Year, August 2001-June 2002

Freshman year was the worst year I had at Parkdale. Don't get me wrong, nothing bad happened to me and I had no problem with it when it was happening, its just that every single year that has happened since then has been atleast 50% better. I never skipped at all, I didn't do much.. But at the time it was still fun. I met Lesley the first day of school, even had a crush on her for a while, and of course like any year in high school, I met a lot of other people that would become associates or friends of mine in the years to come. I hung out with David a lot, and he kinda got me stuck with some kind of a love triangle/rectangle/fiveangle with Sharmika, ugh.. She was annoying as hell. In this year, I met Stacy, and had a short and meaningless relationship, dunno why i was even attracted to her. One of the funny things I like to think back on, was this was the first year I ever noticed Emma. When I saw her, I thought she was really cute and pretty, but I didn't have any secret crush on her or anything, cause I didn't know her. But, there was this one time in Gym class, when I was with Jose and Towson, and this was right around the time I had got with Stacy. So they asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I said yeah, and they asked who. I didn't really wanna say who it was, so I said Emma (because I knew they talked to her at lunch sometimes), but then like right away I said I was just kidding, cause I didn't really know her and I didn't want her to come kick my ass or something. They kept saying shit like "AHH DAWG HE LIKES EMMA" and shit like that, when I didn't, I was just making a joke. It's just- really funny looking back on that and thinking about how things work out. September 11th was a big event, I remember exactly where I was and a lot about that day. Things were crazy. Also, Alex was born this year. To tell you the truth, not a lot happened to me in 9th grade as far as in school. Maybe thats why looking back, it seems like a dissappointment, especially compared to the other years. I didn't do anything, I didn't take any risks, nothing.

Sophomore Year, August 2002-June 2003

I'd say Sophomore year got most interesting towards the end. I met a lot of people who I'd stay cool with- Mikel, Junior, Dan, Emma (of course), and loads of others I don't feel like mentioning. The first half was ok, met some people and stuff. I remember I had mrs Conrad for Geometry, and I really liked her. When she taught, I really got the material, and she was a really nice lady I really liked her. Then, she stopped coming to class and we got a permanent sub, and later on in the year we found out she was passed. It really sucked, because she was a pretty good teacher. The second quarter was the most badass, though. 3rd period was ok, looking back on it itkinda sucked, but at the time it was fun. For 3rd I had Art 1 with Ashendorf, and 4th period (One of the most badass classes I've ever had), was Chemistry with Guthrie. I'll get to that in a moment. Art 1 was the class that I met Emma in. Though I don't really believe in fate, maybe Fate was at work, because Emma and I were paired next to eachother, seat-wise. Yeah, maybe it was Fate, or maybe it was just Mr Ashendorf. Anyways, I remember the first day of class she turned to me and said something like "So you know Rolando huh?" And I was like yeah, and didn't say much. Back then, I was always shy around new people and didn't talk much until I got to know them. Plus, I remember thinking to myself "God, this girl talks a lot". It didn't take long for me to start to like her, but, I didn't pursue it at the time, and things happened that made me think that nothing between me and emma would ever happen, so I didn't make much of it. It wasn't a big deal to me, no heart break, at least not a whole lot. Well, on to 4th period. We had everybody in that class. Not only did we have everyone, we had the most badass Chemistry teacher ever, Mr. Guthrie. I met Dan in this class, and right away we got really close and told eachother basically everything. It was really weird because I had never got so close to someone and told them so much in such a short period of time. Anyways, we used to always have fun with Guth and make so many jokes it was like the best class ever. And, this was the class that I met Crystal in. It was towards the end of the year. I think what sparked my interest in her was when she sat behind me and gave me a massage that made my heart melt. I don't really wanna touch a lot on it, but stuff happened, and we began a relationship without it actually being a relationship. Summer came and we didn't see eachother at all. And it sucked at the time, but I dealt with it. 10th grade was obviously an upgrade from 9th, but 11th was an upgrade from 10th, I guess.

Junior Year, August 2003-June 2004

It felt weird to make the transition at first, but I got used to things. Things were different this year, we had an A-B day schedule as opposed to last year which was just 4 periods, 2 semesters or whatever. I had no classes with Crystal and things sucked at that point. I had 3 classes with Emma, and things really kicked off with her because I started to get REALLY close with her. She became one of my best friends and I didn't even realize it. I met Chris this year, and started hanging out with Row more, and Lawrence. And, I met my arch nemesis, my worst enemy that I have ever had. Mrs. Weber. That stupid bitch. ::shakes fist::. Anyways, Things with Crystal never worked out but I kept going with it, and it went on for a really long time which I'm kinda dissappointed in myself for. But, I wouldn't change things if I could go back, mainly because I feel like I learned a lot from that time, and I probably wouldn't be the same person I am now, and wouldn't have learned from my mistakes. So, I learned about Emma's feelings for me, and I was shocked, and at first I wasn't gonna do anything because I was really scared. I really didn't want to admit that I liked her so much, not even to myself, but when I really thought about it, I knew that I would be happier with Emma then trying to make it work with Crystal. And I ended things with Crystal, and like very very soon after, I asked Emma out and things were wonderful. I remember the next day after I asked her out I was so nervous in Mr. Rice's class, but it just seemed so natural and right. Things were great with her, and 2 days after I asked her out, I had one of the best field trips ever with her, when we went up to PG and spent a lot of time together. She met Mom, and everything was cool.. Spring break was right after which sucked, but I recovered.. So 11th grade was pretty good, this was the year I got caught skipping, I skipped a good amount that year and luckily only got caught once. A lot of good memories.

Senior Year, August 2004-Now, ending June 3, 2005

I'm gonna be honest, the year got off to a rough start. I had missed Emma so much over the summer, and it was hard for me to adapt to all my classes. It was definitely different. The messed up thing is, in 11th grade when we were picking our classes, me and Row picked like 6 or 7 out of 8 classes trying to get atleast a couple classes we could be in together, and we ended up not having ANY. They all fell under different periods. We had lunch though, which was cool. They messed up my schedule, and it wasn't until way later when they finally fixed it, and I got Chinkhota's class for student aide. Later in the year I became Rice's student aide too. And, halfway through the first quarter, I had already skipped like 3 times as much as I did my whole time in high school. I skipped so much this year, but I had an awesome time. Senior year truly has been my best year. As stressful as its been, I had some great times with some great teachers. It was this year that Mr. Rice and Mr. Chinkhota became lije buddies, and we just chilled so much and had such a great time. I'm really gonna miss Parkdale a lot. Miss everybody, really. It'll be a hard thing to adapt to, and it really sucks. Still didn't get our damn yearbooks. Fuck.

Thats it for now, I've said my peace.

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Saturday, May 14th, 2005
5:33 pm
I'm so fucking pissed off right now.
First off, friday was a B day, and Emma didn't come to school. Of course, I always wait it out to see if she had a good reason, and then get mad at her if she didn't, so basically when she called me last night and told me that she stayed home just because, I was fucking pissed. Maybe I'm a little selfish to want to spend as much time as I can with her in school before grad, seeing as how we won't see eachother as much after, but on top of that, she can't keep missing B days like this, especially right before finals and right before the end of the school year. So last night I was really pissed about that, and I wasn't even gonna go out but I did decide that I needed to get out of the house. So I went out with Row and Baba and Alex, and that made me feel a little better for the time being.

Next piece of shit to happen. A few minutes ago I tried to watch the third episode on my new Quantum Leap DVD, and the piece of shit starts to be all glitchy. So I take it out and clean it off (it shouldn't be dirty in the fiurst place, hardly been used), and now that episode won't load at all. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHIT?? I really fucking don't want to have to take it back to Best Buy and deal with those asshats. WHY DOES SOMETHING ALWAYS HAVE TO FUCK UP??

About a minute or two after that, I get a phone call from Emma, and she says Guess what? I have some good news. You wanna know the fucked up thing about it? SHE WON'T FUCKING TELL ME THE GOOD NEWS. She said I have to wait until monday. That is BULLSHIT. First of all, I could go ahead and trust my first instinct and get my hopes up, hoping that it might have something to do with us and her parents, but I know emma better than anyone else, and I know how things work with her, and the way I see it, I am like 95% sure that if I get my hopes up about it, its gonna be about something else. But thats not even the worst part, the worst part is SHE WONT TELL ME. Now I have to sit around the whole damn weekend wondering what the fuck it is. Good news is good news I guess, but this shit just is pissing me off and I really wasn't in the mood for it in the first place.

Despite all that, I miss her like hell. Even despite when I'm mad at her, I find it extremely difficult to continue being mad at her and not miss her. Oh well, I just need to talk to her about a lot of things, we did settle a lot this week and it got emotional, but things are getting weird. Meh, here comes a storm, I hope its a good one. Somewhere, Mallow must be crying.

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Saturday, May 7th, 2005
11:26 pm
Saturday night, bored as hell, hungry, and trying to figure out a new layout for my room so that I can get it less junky, and get rid of some of the crap that I don't need/use.

So, Emma's birthday was thursday, Cinco De Mayo, so Feliz Cumpleaños to her. I got her a dozen white roses, a card, and Fools Rush In on DVD. She said something like if the roses open up, that means that I got her the roses because I truly did care about her and love her, but if they didn't open up, then apparently that means I got them just because, and I didn't really mean it. The next day, she said that the roses opened up like really quick, and that if they do open, they weren't supposed to open for like a day or two. So, go me.

I'm getting really..er.. I dunno, weird. Everything is getting weird. I have no idea whats going on with anything sometimes, but I'll be straight.

There are a lot of people that are really fucking up lately and its really starting to piss me off. I hate it when someone talks a lot of shit about someone behind their back, and then tries to hang out with them because they think they think they are so cool. Damn, they piss me the fuck off. Just ranting. I hate fake ass people.

Went out with a bunch of people last night to see House of Wax.. I really needed to get out of the house because I wasn't doing very good, and it actually did help brighten my night so it was cool. It was me, Row, Jocelyn, Cliff, Alex, Jerrod, Edwin, Jenny, and Efrain, and there was even supposed to be more people than that, but the other car got in a small accident, so they had to skip the movie. And, since I hadn't eaten any food, I actually ate some of Muvico's dining, some mozarella sticks, and they were so bomb. Damn I want some more.

NWF is.. well frankly I havae no idea whats going on with it. I talked to Garry a couple nights ago and he mentioned it, and I told him I was wondering what was going on. He said he had been working with his boys, and he even wanted to run a match with me sometime soon.. But I don't even know if I want to do it anymore. Things are getting so weird lately and I don't like the way he is handling things, so I really won't care either way if we never even do it. Yeah, I miss it, but I can live without it. Especially now that my priorities are different.

Pre-reg for Otakon is up, which means I gotta worry about purhcasing my ticket before it sells out, if it sells out. Meh, that would suck ass. Quantum Leap Season 3 is finally coming out on tuesday, I can't wait! I can swing it I think, so hopefully I can get Row to ride me up there since he wants to pick up the Cena album (bleh).

Can't think of much else.. Atleast not of what I want to mention. Mother's day is tomorrow, actually in like 15 minutes, but anyways. Yeah, I should look for some e-cards or something. Well, thats it for me. Keep your friends close, but keep your love closer.

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